A group of five or more people can take a TBARTA van to regularly share the ride to and from work. There is a fee to participate, based on the monthly distance traveled; participants share the monthly cost of the vehicle plus gas, tolls and parking expenses.Use the calculator below to estimate how much your currently spending on your commute by driving alone.

A federal commuter subsidy is available to all participants, which can lower the overall cost to commute. Learn More.

TBARTA Regional Vanpool Program Fact Sheet
TBARTA Regional Vanpool FAQ Sheet

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Incentives and Benefits of Vanpooling

The Federal government has recently made changes to the Internal Revenue Code, which can benefit employers and employees who participate in vanpooling. These changes, commonly referred to as Commuter Choice Initiative, allow employers to offer a tax-free fringe benefit to employees using qualified commute options. Vanpooling qualifies for this benefit. Vanpooling offers many benefits including:

• FREE enrollment in the Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH).
• Save money on your monthly commuting costs.
• Reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle.
• Ease the daily grind and stress of traffic congestion.
• Turn commuting time into productive time to read, catch up on work, or sleep.
• Make new friends with fellow vanpool riders.
• Contribute to improving our environment.

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