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Planning & Projects: Other Regional Plans and Projects

Regional Transit Feasibility Plan

This is a regional transit plan that began with a review of the more than 55 transportation plans and studies already completed by Tampa Bay area agencies over the past 30 years to determine where the strongest corridors are for possible transit options and what those projects would look like.

The goal is simple: to improve transportation options in the Tampa Bay area.

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MPO Regional Coordination and Best Practices Research Study

The overarching goal of the project is to explore options and outline the preferred framework for improving regional coordination in the Tampa Bay region such that there are effective mechanisms for planning, prioritizing, and developing transportation plans and projects.

The project (a) defines successful coordination, (b) outlines barriers to achieving that success, and (c) develops implementable scenarios to achieving success, based in part on a thorough review of the region and its context as well as peer regions around the state and country.

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Public Participation Plan
This document was compiled as a collaborative work effort in cooperation with the staffs of TBARTA, and the Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota-Manatee, and Citrus-Hernando Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).

This document is the basis from which the West Central Florida region can draw when executing Regional Public Participation strategies, which emphasizes coordination and synergy between TBARTA, the TBARTA MPOs CCC and its member MPOs.

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Resource Guide
Transit Oriented Development (TOD) focuses on creating compact neighborhoods with housing, jobs, shopping, community services, and recreational opportunities, all within easy walking distance (up to a ½-mile) of transit stations, with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle access. TOD is used to describe a land development pattern that communities can choose to help maximize transit use.
2015 Master Plan
The 2015 Master Plan update built upon previous updates, refining the regional networks and outlining a strategic vision for implementation. The TBARTA Master Plan served as the Regional LRTP, a plan previously completed by the West Central Florida MPO Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC). To join the plans, changes were made to the Regional Networks to more closely reflect the combined priorities and vision of the two entities. The most significant change was incorporating the region’s six MPO LRTP Adopted Cost Feasible Plans and Needs Plans.

The Mid-Term Network includes the Cost Feasible projects and is now titled the 2040 Regional Projects. The Long-Term Network includes the Needs Plan projects and is now titled the Longer-Range Needs. This update also incorporates the Regional Trails Network, which pulls in the CCC’s Multi-Use Trails Element.