ITT Study Documents

On this page you will find detail documentation on TBARTA's Innovative Transit Technology Feasibility Study. Those documents include the study's Executive Summary, Final Report, Statement of Work (SOW), Technical Memos, and ITT Study Presentations.  Click the image to access the document.

ITT Study Executive Summary

The results of the ITT Study evaluation are compiled within the Final Report, and are informed by the following technical reports produced by the study team, including Technology Research Literature Review, Industry Interviews, Governance and Regulatory Framework, Corridor Travel Market Connections

ITT Study Final Report

This is the Final Report from the ITT study, which identifies the state of each technology, evaluates issues and opportunities, assesses the regulatory status, and identifies key market connections.

ITT Statement of Work

The transit technology study Statement of Work (SOW) can be found by clicking the image above. It includes project description, tasks, costs and timeline.

ITT Study Presentation

Click above to see a presentation delivered to the TBARTA Board on the history and status of three technologies under study: hyperloop, air taxis, and aerial gondolas.

ITT Tech Memo #1

Technical Memo #1 is the study's literature review. It documents the current state of the technologies under study, locations where they now operate or are in testing, strengths and weaknesses, costs and infrastructure requirements.

ITT Tech Memo #2

Tech Memo #2 summarizes interviews from a cross section of developers and industry experts on aerial gondolas, air taxis, and hyperloop. This information was used to supplement data in Tech Memo #1, the literature review.

ITT Tech Memo #3

Tech Memo #3 summarizes the governance and regulatory framework for each of the three technologies, providing an understanding of where each of the technologies are in the regulatory process, important regulatory considerations to determine in order to implement the technologies, and what governmental bodies must develop in order to certify and implement the emerging technologies.

ITT Tech Memo #4

Tech Memo #4 includes the methodology, assumptions and assessment process related to the preliminary identification of potential regional connections within the Tampa Bay region for aerial gondolas, air taxis, and hyperloop. It describes assumptions used to define service characteristics, and how the study team aligned the characteristics with key markets in the Tampa Bay region.