Innovative Transit Technology 

Artist rendering of hyperloop in a clear tunnel

TBARTA is not only working to address the regional transit needs of today, but also for future generations. In 2019, the Florida Legislature appropriated an additional $1 million dollars to TBARTA specifically for the study and development of future transit technologies. 

“The extra funding to study new technologies is unprecedented and especially exciting,” TBARTA Executive Director David Green said in June, 2019. “It allows us not only to consider cutting-edge solutions for Tampa Bay’s transit needs, but to do so with high priority on sustainable public transit. TBARTA is committed to efficient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly transit that keeps our economy vibrant and our community healthy.”

Since then, TBARTA has taken action to advance the mission.  Later in 2019, it launched the Innovative Transit Technologies Feasibility Study, which concluded in July 2020.  Concurrently, the TBARTA Board has been listening to presentations from innovative transit technology companies, and in July 2020 began exploring the possibility of launching a pilot project on air taxis, which would be a first in the nation.

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ITT Study:  Provides an overview on the goals of the 2019-20 Innovative Transit Technologies Feasibility Study, with links to the Executive Summary and Final Report.

ITT Documents:  Includes the Study's Statement of Work (SOW), Technical Memos, and ITT Study Presentations, as well as links to the Executive Summary and Final Report.

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