2015 Vision Summary

TBARTA adopted its first Regional Transportation Master Plan in 2009. The inaugural master plan identified the vision for the regional transit network. An update was completed in 2011 that introduced a regional freight and a regional roadway network to the plan.

The 2013 Master Plan Update was a minor update to refine all three networks, and incorporate the progress made locally and regionally towards implementing our regional vision.

The 2015 Master Plan Update was developed by TBARTA’s Board and Committees in collaboration with the West Central Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC) — representing each of the region’s MPOs and TPO. The 2015 Update ensures consistency with the MPOs’ Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs) and updates the CCC’s Regional LRTP.

For 2015, TBARTA and the CCC eliminated duplication of efforts for the Master Plan and Regional LRTP Updates by making them one in the same. Consolidating these activities reduces the cost for each organization and presents a clear, uniform planning process to the public. The sum of all updates are as follows:

  • Coordinated with the CCC to develop one Regional LRTP
  • Identified Future Regional Priority Projects
  • Refined Regional Priority Projects
  • Refined Regional Transit, Roadway, and Freight Networks
  • Refined Regional Activity Centers
  • Refined CCC’s Regional Travel Markets
  • Developed 2040 Regional Transit, Road, and Freight Projects
  • Developed Longer-Term (2050) Regional Transit, Road, and Freight Projects
  • Developed Regional Multi-Use Trails Network and Projects
  • Incorporated the Transportation Demand Management strategies
  • Refined Air Quality

The Master Plan is updated every two years to ensure that TBARTA continues to represent the changing needs for the mobility of passengers and freight throughout the region.

The Vision document tells the story of TBARTA and its history, the technical analysis and evolution of the Regional Transportation Master Plan, and a brief overview of all TBARTA's activities. 

Download the 2015 Master Plan Vision Summary

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“The time has come for us to move forward…to address and provide solutions for regional connectivity.”
- Ronnie Duncan,
TBARTA Chairman