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Regional Priority Projects

Recently, TBARTA identified five priority projects for the region, based on factors such as connectivity, regionalism, ability to implement, mobility, and support, among others. These projects are:

  • Roosevelt Connector in Pinellas County, connecting the Bayside Bridge, St. Pete-Clearwater Airport, Gateway, and I-275
  • Extension of the Suncoast Parkway into Hernando and Citrus Counties
  • Managed Lanes on SR 54/56 in Pasco County between the Suncoast Parkway and I-75
  • Managed Lanes on I-275 to allow drivers to bypass the SR 60/Memorial Highway interchange east of the Howard Frankland Bridge
  • Port Manatee Connector in northern Manatee County to move freight between Port Manatee and I-75, taking trucks off local roads 

Managed Lanes

Managed lanes are an important part of step-by-step implementation of the regional transportation vision. Managed lanes are commonly referred to as "express lanes", where operational strategies such as pricing, vehicle eligibility, and/or access control are implemented to regulate demand and utilize available capacity. Examples of managed lanes include toll lanes, reversible lanes, value priced lanes, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes. The TBARTA Managed Lanes network includes the existing toll facilities in our region as well as a mid-term and long-term network of managed lanes identified by the TBARTA Master Plan and by FDOT. 

Regional Transit Network

Transit facilities are important for moving people around our region. TBARTA’s Regional Transit Network includes a mid-term network of connections anticipated by 2035, and a long-term network of connections for 2050. The networks consist of premium transit options connecting major destinations across counties throughout the region. These options were developed for the 2009 Master Plan through a detailed technical process coupled with extensive community involvement.

The 2013 Update includes the TBARTA Corridor Studies and other regional projects identified through coordination with our local planning partners. The type of transit technology, such as express bus, and specific alignments, would be decided at the local level, during detailed analysis.

Regional Freight Network

Freight facilities are important for transporting goods to, from, and within our region. Investing in a network of roads and rail lines that are focused on freight allow goods to move efficiently and keep prices competitive for our region. Roads and rail lines must also seamlessly connect with regional freight activity centers.

TBARTA’s Regional Freight Network is primarily based on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Tampa Bay Regional Goods Movement Study, as well as other regional long-range transportation planning efforts. This system generally consists of the designated FDOT Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) roadways, rail corridors, and additional corridors serving regional Freight Activity Centers. 

Regional Roadway Network

TBARTA’s Regional Roadway Network was developed with the local planning agencies to help the seven-county area focus on critical regional roadways to maintain and expand our economic competitiveness.

The Regional Roadway Network consists of the FDOT SIS roadways, roads that link regional activity centers, roads designated as a regional freight mobility corridor (Regional Freight Network), and roadways planned for regional transit connections (Regional Transit Network). The supporting regional roadways were identified by the West Central Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Chairs Coordinating Committee’s Regional Long Range Transportation Plan.



As part of the 2013 update to the Regional Transportation Master Plan, we've produced five draft fact sheets covering information about the Master Plan, the three main Regional Networks, and the Regional Priority Projects. They can be reviewed here.


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“The time has come for us to move forward…to address and provide solutions for regional connectivity.”
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TBARTA Chairman