Help Your Employees
and Have a
Less Stressful
Work Commute


A partnership with TBARTA can help employers save money by eliminating transportation-related to help them set up carpools and vanpools, TBARTA can help employers -

  • Recruit qualified employees
  • Retain employees, especially in the wake of a company move
  • Cope with limited parking spaces
  • Save money by offering tax incentives
  • Ease relocation difficulties
  • Receive publicity for taking care of your employees
How We Work With Employers

TBARTA works with employers and their employees in many ways, all under the general program title of Employee Commute Assistance (ECA). There is a wide range of possible activities that a work site can use to promote commute alternatives, many of which TBARTA will perform at no charge.

Employee Surveys

Our staff will facilitate surveys of your employees at no charge to determine their interest in commute options. They will determine the best way to communicate the commute options program to employees at the work site.

Employee Commute Assistance Program

The (ECA) Program encourages use of the bus, vanpooling, carpooling, biking, walking, teleworking and alternative work hour programs in commuting to and from work.

Range of Possible Activities

1. Sharing Information with Employees

Existing Employees

  • Pass on information several times per year through:
    Transportation displays in lobbies, cafeterias etc.
    Presentations by TBARTA to employees during work hours
    Payroll stuffers
    Newsletter articles
    Distribute the TBARTA E-News
  • Establish transportation bulletin boards in visible locations to explain commute options, Emergency Ride Home program, advertise carpools and vanpools seeking riders
  • Commuter Challenges

New Employees

  • Provide commute information (TBARTA New Hire Packet) to all new employees at orientation

2. External Marketing to Customers

  • Include alternative transportation information in customer bills

3. Facilities Related

  • Dedicate parking for carpools and vanpools
  • Install bike racks
  • Provide shower facilities for bicyclists and walkers
  • LEED Certification - We can help you get four more points.

4. Upper Management Support

  • CEO sets example by using a commute option during Commute Challenges or at other times
  • Allow TBARTA to make presentation to department heads to explain programs
  • Letter/memo from management supporting Commute Options
  • Subsidize transit and vanpool fares (tax-free) or allow employees to use pre-tax dollars to purchase passes
  • Offer incentives such as time off, gift coupons, etc.

5. First Steps

  • Appoint a contact person
  • Complete a Company Profile
  • Determine your company's level of commitment to the ECA program (which programs you want to promote, and means of promoting)

What's your next step?

Find out how using commute options (carpool, vanpool, telework, walk, bicycle and variable work hours) can help your employees save money on gas and vehicle costs and have a less stressful work commute. Also, become a stronger community partner by helping to reduce traffic congestion and improve the impact to the environment for the Tampa Bay region.

Request a presentation and we will reach out to you to discuss your needs and schedule.

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