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TBARTA’s Commute Tampa Bay program helps employers achieve their goals. First, that means attracting and retaining quality employees. A vanpool program helps you tap into new labor pools to help fill vacant positions or find skilled workers. Establishing a Commute Tampa Bay Vanpool program is a valuable employee benefit that not all employers can offer. Second, an environmentally friendly vanpool program helps employers set and meet green-house gas (GHG) reduction targets. If you have not set this up, but want to, we can help.

We offer the following services:

  •  Vanpool: Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by offering employees a free or extremely affordable ride to work.
  •  Carpool: Less formal than vanpool, carpooling helps employers with workers who may have difficulty finding reliable transportation by sharing the costs with others.
  •  Emergency Ride Home: Assure your employees who commute by means other than driving alone that they have a way home in case of a family emergency, illness or an unexpected change to their work schedule.
  •  Access to comprehensive ride matching software and GIS mapping services.
  •  On-site education and turn-key employee-focused communications.
  •  Telework policy and technology assessments.
  •  Employee Commute Survey to evaluate and improve employee programs.
  •  Free preferred parking signage for vanpool and carpools.

Contact us today: 

Ken Boden, TBARTA Manager of Commuter Services 

Phone: 813-639-7728

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