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By September 30, 2019 (the end of our fiscal year), TBARTA's partnership with Enterprise to operate vanpools in the Tampa Bay area had a huge impact. Here are some of the stats:

           136 - Vanpools (this is up to 170 as of the end of Feb 2020!)   
           9,113,636 - Vanpool miles traveled
           7,131,432 - Miles not traveled as a result of vanpooling
           236,116 - Single Occupant Vehicle trips eliminated
           5,601,206 - Pounds of CO2 emissions reduced

Commute Tampa Bay is TBARTA’s one stop resource for information to help you improve your commute.  Here are the services we offer:

  • Vanpool: Thanks to TBARTA’s partnership with Commute by Enterprise, a group of employees ride together in a vanpool – saving money and taking advantage of a $400 monthly TBARTA subsidy.
  • Carpool: TBARTA’s free online ridematching service can help you find someone to share the ride... and the cost!
  • Transit: TBARTA can help you find public transit pass options and service information based upon where you live and work.
  • Biking: Riding a bike to work improves your health and saves you money. TBARTA has resources to get you started.
  • Teleworking: TBARTA provides employers with resources to set up an effective work-at-home program.
  • Park & Ride: We have a list of lots throughout Tampa Bay where you can park your car and meet for a carpool/vanpool or catch the bus.
  • Free Employer Support: TBARTA offers free employer consulting services to help you identify, set-up, implement and maintain a commute alternative program for employees. Depending on the benefits you choose to offer, you may be able to save on payroll taxes.
  • Emergency Ride Home (ERH): ERH is your commuter’s get-home guarantee, for both employees and college students. If you commute using means other than driving alone at least two times a week, you can you can get up to six (6) FREE taxi rides home from work or school. (Restrictions apply.)
  • School Pool: TBARTA’s School Pool program provides carpooling benefits for parents and students.
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters: Employers and developments that meet the National Standard of Excellence in commuter benefits can get on the list of Best Workplaces for Commuters. This is a free benefit for employers who qualify and participate in TBARTA Commuter Services Programs.

How to get started:

Want to get going? It's free and easy!  Click the Ridematch link below to sign-up and we'll see if we can match you in a van or carpool.  Or, if you want to take advantage of commute alternatives including local transit, biking, teleworking and more, click on one of the menu items above for more information.

And don't forget to check out Emergency Ride Home, a great program to give you peace of mind while taking advantage of all the benefits Commute Tampa Bay can offer.

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