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Commuter Services: Carpool

By riding along with one or more people, you can save money on gas, tolls, and parking by sharing the expense with fellow riders. Carpoolers can choose to ride with others as few or many times per week as they want, giving you the flexibility to drive your own car as needed.

TBARTA can help. First, when you sign up for our RideMatch program we’ll provide you with a personalized match-list of people who live and work near you.

In addition, if you carpool two or more days a week you are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home Program.

Tips for starting a Carpool:

Pick up the phone and call some of the people on your Match List. And don’t be surprised if you get a call from someone who also wants to share a ride. Your name appears on the Match Lists of other interested people who’ve registered with TBARTA and who live and work near you, with approximately the same work hours.

Set up a time to meet over lunch or after work to discuss the possibility of ridesharing. Consider pick-up and drop-off times, driver and rider responsibilities, division of expenses, personal preferences such as playing the radio, smoking, eating and so on. If a prospect looks good, however, work out the details and agree to participate for a trial period.

Devise and agree on the pool’s rules right from the start: when payments, if any, are due; who collects them; who to call in case of an absence or delay; and so on. If something about the carpool bothers you, speak up. When a conflict arises, take a vote and abide graciously by the results. A successful carpool is the product of fairness multiplied by courtesy and common sense.

Make sure your auto insurance covers everyone in the car. Be vigilant when you are at the wheel. This means no drinking alcohol before the drive home, no speeding, and no aggressive driving or other forms of recklessness. Other people’s lives are in your hands. Be firm! If there is a careless driver in your pool, don’t put him or her behind the wheel.

The comfort of passengers is also in the driver’s hands, and simple courtesy dictates that your car be clean when you drive. Trash on the floor and food on the seats are discouraging sights to riders.

A rider who anticipates being late should let the driver or other designated person know as far ahead of time as possible and offer to make his or her own arrangements for that trip. Likewise, a driver who will be late should arrange for someone else in the pool to drive.

Make sure there’s enough gas in the car for a round trip. Resist stopping or asking that stops be made to take care of personal business. These should be handled on your own time.

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RideMatch : How It Works

Simply enter your starting place and your destination to find others who are making a similar trip.