TBARTA in the News

July 18, 2022:  WTSP Channel-10 News reporter Sarah Rosaio outlines TBARTA's feasibility study on the potential for bus rapid transit to better connect Pasco and Pinellas counties along US19.
May 11, 2022: TBARTA's TD Tampa Bay is changing the lives of those who depend on it. Bay News 9 Reporter Ashley Paul looks at how vital that transportation is through the experience of a user who is working to see TD Tampa Bay return.
May 11, 2022: Individuals with disabilities who have come to rely on TBARTA's TD Tampa Bay ride packed Tampa's Lighthouse for the Blind to learn more on the program's status, as WTSP's Malique Rankin reports.
May 11, 2021: Jack Harris and company on AM Tampa Bay highlight TBARTA's new service, TD Tampa Bay. 
April 21, 2021: Chuck Henson of Bay News 9 reports how TBARTA's TD Tampa Bay provides ride service to those who are transportation disadvantaged.
March 16, 2021: Fox-13 WTVT-TV reporter Lloyd Sowers talks to those who rely TD Tampa Bay from TBARTA to get where they need to go.
August 7, 2020: Lloyd Sowers of Fox-13 WTVT-TV reports on the potential future for air taxis in Tampa Bay.
July 24, 2020: Could air taxis become part of our transportation future? Bay New 9's Chuck Henson reports.
October 23, 2020:  TBARTA's Principal Planner Brian Pessaro updates the Regional Rapid Transit project on WFLA-AM, on October 23, 2020,
September 29, 2020:  TBARTA's Chris Jadick talks about the possibilities of Hyperloop in Tampa Bay's transportation future on NewsRadio WFLA AM Tampa Bay.
July 16, 2020:  Urban Air Mobility, or Air Taxis, as being consider by TBARTA, as reported on WFTS, ABC Action News.
July 16, 2020:  Telemundo 49 reports on the potential for air taxi service in Tampa Bay's transportation future.
May 13, 2020: WFTS-TV reports on Caring Commutes, TBARTA's new program to encourage telework and feed the hungry.
July 16, 2020: WFLA Newschannel 8 reports TBARTA is considering air taxi service as part of the future.
April 23, 2020:  Getting there: The Future of Transit in Tampa Bay in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions.
April 16, 2020:  TBARTA co-sponsors a webinar series to help employers and employees adapt to telework.
April 1, 2020:  TBARTA's Chris Jadick updates the public on local transit cutbacks as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.
March 20, 2020:  Coronavirus restrictions will impact Tampa Bay transit providers, and TBARTA is responding. 
March 16, 2020: TBARTA Principal Planner Brian Pessaro updates Jack Harris and company on the feasibility of hyperloop, air taxis, and aerial gondolas.
February 14, 2020: Commute Tampa Bay can save you money on your daily commute, consider joining a car or vanpool.
December 5, 2019: The public is invited to learn more about Regional Rapid Transit in a series of community workshops scheduled by TBARTA.
December 9, 2019: WFTS-TV, ABC Action News reports on 3 workshops being held on Regional Rapid Transit. The public is invited to attend.
October 29, 2019: WTVT-TV reports on TBARTA's plans to study hyperloop, air taxis, and aerial gondolas as potential transit for Tampa Bay's future.
October 30, 2019: Jack Harris and company interview Principal Planner Brian Pessaro on TBARTA's Innovative Transit Technologies Feasibility Study.
September 10, 2019: WTVT-TV reports on Regional Rapid Transit, TBARTA's rapid mobility plan to connect Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties.
12 de septiembre de 2019: Telemundo49 en Tampa informa sobre los planes regionales de tránsito rápido.
October 29, 2019: WFTS-TV ABC Action News reports on TBARTA's new Innovative Transit Study, made possible by a $1 million state appropriation.
September 12, 2019: Jack Harris and company interview TBARTA Executive Director David Green on Regional Rapid Transit. 
August 27, 2019: ABC Action News shows how TBARTA's Commuter Services helps people use carpools and vanpools to get to work.
July 3, 2019: Bay News 9 reports on TBARTA's $1 million appropriation to study innovative transit technologies.
May 21, 2019: WFLA-TV reports on TBARTA's Regional Transit Development Plan and how the public can get involved in Envision 2030.
June 7, 2019:  TBARTA Executive Director David Green outlines the future for regional transit across five Tampa Bay counties. 
May 21, 2019: WFTS-TV ABC Action News reports on Envision 2030, TBARTA's ten-year transit plan to connect five Tampa Bay counties.
May 14, 2019: Fox-13 WTVT-TV reports on Envision 2030 and TBARTA's Regional Transit Development Plan.
May 21, 2019:  Newschannel 8 Today, reports on Envision 2030 and TBARTA's regional transit plans for Tampa Bay.
May 23, 2019: Jack Harris and company interview TBARTA Executive Director David Green on his plans for world-class regional transit.